Toi Campbell’s Lupus Story

At the beginning of 2017, Toi’s Lupus symptoms became more aggressive.  She developed uncontrollable stroke level hypertension, severe cognitive dysfunction, disabling headaches, fatigue and weakness, generalized joint pain and swelling, internal bleeding, lungs, heart, kidney and digestive dysfunctions.  

She was told that she had several auto-immune diseases attacking her body at once: Lupus, Scleraoderma, Reynaud’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Telengiectasias. She is being tested for Vasculitis and Sjogren’s syndrome.

There is an ever growing team of doctors working diligently to help Toi, but after several months of testing Toi is still experincing every one of the symptoms listed above.

There is a doctor in Atlanta, Georgia that can help Toi’s quality of life.  He is a naturopath by the name of Dr. Koyfman. We have worked with Dr. Koyfman before when Toi returned from her Peace Corps mission to recover from a serious parasite problem.  People travel worldwide to receive life-changing treatments. Dr. Koyfman can help Toi; we just need your help to get her to him. 

All funds will go to pay for Dr. Koyman’s fees, to pay for lodging and transportation to Atlanta, and to assist in paying mounting medical bills.

Lupus Disease is Rare but Serious

Lupus is a disease that afflicts up to 1.5 million Americans today. Lupus is a disease that can flare up as well as go into remission. It can take the entire range from a mild case to life threatening. It is not a contagious disease in that you cannot catch it from anyone. It is an autoimmune disease. As such, lupus cannot tell the difference between the foreign invaders that attack your body’s tissues and and normal healthy body tissues. Lupus can cause pain, inflammation, and damage to various parts of your body.

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