One World Humanity is a 501c3, volunteer run non-profit organization, serving the one heart of humanity since 1997. We began as a small meditation group, we grew to holding annual events and community fundraisers, we then expanded into One World global festivals, committed to ensuring a Thriving, Sustainable and Peaceful planet for all. We are having fun watching what spontaneously arises in this moment.

We deeply appreciate your donations allowing us to continue our work on this planet.


Thrive: Poverty causes.  To help and empower all human beings to thrive rather than survive.

Earth: Environmental causes. A sustainable, healthy and peaceful planet for generations to come

Solstice: Medical, mental illness & addiction causes.Optimal Health and Well Being for All Life on the Planet

Perseids: Youth & elderly causes. Celebrating arts, diversity, creativity and radical acceptance

Liberty: Trafficking & human rights. That all Beings have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Innovation: Bringing education, technology and services to remote places.

Celebration: Dreams, wish’s, goals & intentions.



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