Grace speaks on radio, video, news, and in public on a donation basis. If you have been inspired by Grace, either her speaking and yoga video’s, Grace On Fire radio conversations, meditations, ACIM lessons, One World newsletters, or donation based One World events, please know your donation is greatly appreciated and helps her to continue offering her work and sharing her gifts to the world on a donation basis. It also helps her to offer by donation video’s, radio conversations, newsletters, advertising and love offering events. Your donation is not tax deductible, Grace is offering her gifts for profit. For your generosity and kindness of over $20 you will receive a free copy of a Grace Diary of your choice. Infinite love and gratitude.

Celebration: A Planetary Party

January, 1

Hero’s for Humanity Funds: Dreams, wish’s, goals & intentions.

Earth: Only One Earth Festival

April 22

Environmental causes. A sustainable, healthy and peaceful planet for generations to come

Solstice: Yoga and Wellness Festival

June 21

Medical, mental illness & addiction causes.Optimal Health and Well Being for All Life on the Planet

Perseids: Creative Arts & New Thought

August 11-13

Youth & elderly causes. Celebrating arts, diversity, creativity and radical acceptance

Liberty: One World Slams

Sept. 21

Trafficking, human rights, animal rights. That all Beings have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Thrive:  A Halloween Bash


Poverty causes.  To help and empower all human beings to thrive rather than survive.

Innovation: Bringing education, technology and services to remote places.




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