Make a Difference, Join the Peaceful Human rEvolution!

We invite you to be a partner by sharing our events with everyone you know. We believe the millions in need – need millions of global citizens to move into cooperation and partnership to help them. We invite you to be one of those millions; a part of the massive team of equal humans organizing together, regardless of differences to create the greatest rEvolution in human history – the peaceful human rEvolution.


Partnership Benefits:

  • Partnership of $500
    • Your name and/or business mentioned on our partners page of our website
    • 2 Free tickets to event
    • 1 Free raffle ticket
    • 1 Free 2017 One World CD download
    • 20% off booth space
    • Mention on our event programs
    • Mention in our Gold Sponsor’s list in our One World Newsletter
    • Your organization highlighted in the event video (1/4 page highlight)
    • If Possible (not guaranteed) – we may have the opportunity and time to mention you or your organization on the radio.
    • OWH will send you marketing materials for both email and Facebook marketing
    • OWH will “follow” your organization’s Facebook page (provide your link in the application)


Partnership Agreement:

  • Partner agrees to…
    • Promote the event by sending OWH’s online flyer to your email lists and groups.
    • Announce the event in your monthly newsletters and mailers during the three month event period.
    • Share the event in your meetings, groups, gatherings, with your members, congregants, customers and associates.
    • Post the event on your bulletin board, display the event poster and have flyers available in a visible location at your place of business.
    • Promote the event by posting the event link to your web site page, your Facebook pages and walls on a weekly basis throughout the event period.
    • Post the monthly One World Live Stream link on your Facebook pages and walls on the day of the event.
    • Share the One World Live Stream link within three days of the live event with your email lists and groups.
    • Support One World Humanity by liking our Facebook page:
    • https://www.facebook.com/1worldoneheart/.


Please email: Info@oneworldstudio.com the following information, no later than one (1) month before the event date in order to get your organization on the event video.

  • Personal Name or Organizational Name, as you would like on your event video.
  • Your legal company Logo
  • Website Address
  • Catch Phrase/Motto
  • Color Preference

To become a partner with One World Humanity, please complete the form below.

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Sponsorship/Partnership Application

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