Beneficiary Application


Are you interested in becoming a beneficiary of a One World Humanity event? We have been supporting amazing non-profit organizations since 1997. Below are the guidelines and application details. Please review the information and complete the application below. Acceptance of an application for an upcoming event does not automatically mean One World Humanity will continue to support the applicant in future events…a new application is required if an organization desires ongoing connection/support with us. If you have questions regarding Beneficiaries, please contact us.

One World Humanity (OWH) agrees to the following:

  1. OWH will send your organization a 1/3 split of all profits from the event – All proceeds, minus all event expenses, administrative costs, promoter fees and any unexpected expenses, charges or costs associated with the event.
  2. OWS will send out a bimonthly email promoting the event to all their lists with your organization listed as one of the event beneficiaries.
  3. OWH will highlight your organization on a page within the event video. (Only at events with video)
  4. OWH will post weekly announcements of the event with your organizations name listed as one of the beneficiaries and a link to our Facebook page.
  5. OWH agrees to mention you or your organization during the global live stream intention during the event.
  6. OWH agrees to include you in the One World News – Event Beneficiaries section.
  7. Optional: We may have the opportunity and time (but make no promises) to mention you or your organization on the radio.


Beneficiary agrees to the following:

  1. Beneficiary agrees to promote the event by sending out the OWH flyer to their email lists and groups.
  2. Beneficiary agrees to announce the event in their newsletters and mailers for a minimum of three (3) months prior to the event.
  3. Beneficiary agrees to post the OWH event link on their Facebook pages and walls on a weekly basis for a minimum of three (3) months prior to the event.
  4. Beneficiary agrees to post the One World Live Stream event link on their Facebook pages and walls, as well as share the link with their email lists and groups on the day of the event.
  5. Beneficiary agrees to “follow” One World Studio’s Facebook page:
  6. Beneficiary agrees to send OWH their Organizational Logo no later than one (1) month prior to the event for inclusion in the event video. Send Logos to:


Beneficiary Application

Beneficiary Application

Complete the form below for beneficiary consideration. All fields must be completed.

Contact person's telephone number.
Contact person's email.
Please provide a link to your website. If you do not have a website place N/A in the space above.
Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 256MB
OWH must have 501(c)3 verification in order for the application to be considered. Please upload your organization's 501(c)3 Designation Letter here.
Please provide OWH your Facebook page link, so we can follow you. If you do not have a Facebook page put N/A in the space above.
Tell us who referred you to One World Humanity. Mark N/A if not applicable.
Please tell us why we should consider you or your organization as a beneficiary in the space provided above.
Failure to complete the Beneficiary responsibilities may result in the termination of the Beneficiary agreement with One World Humanity.
If the organization chooses to not indemnify One World Humanity, the application may not be considered.


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