One World Community

Founded by John James Delaney III

The Modern Day Prophet

Thursday Global Meet Up’s & Annual Events

with Ecstatic Yoga & Ceremony




All Disciplines and Humans Welcome

One World Community is an all inclusive organization, we are not associated with any particular religion, political preference, nationality, culture, or cause of any kind… we believe in Humanity, Love, Equality, Freedom, Respect and Truth for all beings on this planet. All Humans are welcome who come in peace.

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One World Studio

One World, One Heart…
Unifying the One Heart of Humanity


One World Market Place
A Humane, Earth Friendly, Fair Trade Market Place

One World News
Embracing World Wide Transparency

One World Calendar
A Free Global Calendar


Mission: To raise the consciousness of the planet for an evolutionary human family to arise where all beings are free, equal, fully self-expressed, abundant and living life in alignment with their true nature, compassion, integrity and truth. The Prophet sends his messages of inspiration and transformation to the planet through his mother, Grace.