One World Humanity

Serving the One Heart of Humanity


About: One World Humanity is a volunteer run federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization…Bringing children home, eradication human trafficking, helping youth, orphanage’s, elderly, extreme poverty, indigenous, and woman’s causes since 1997. Founders James LeVoy Sorenson and Bonnie Elizabeth Gordon.

One World Humanity holds global FundAware events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness to eradicate human trafficking, extreme poverty, and exploitation of every form. We support the freedom, respect, and humane treatment of all beings on the planet.


  • One World Concert Fundraiser: a New Year’s Globally Synchronized event for A Thriving Economy for All, Eradicating Poverty.
  • One World Festival Fundraiser: May Day YEAH! Only One Earth, Eradication the Exploitation of Our Planet.
  • One World Celebration Fundraiser: A Summer Solstice Celebration, Bringing Children Home, Eradicating Human Trafficking.
  • One World Women Fundraiser: A Red Tent Event & World Wild Goddess Celebration, Empowering Women World Wide.
  • Halloween Party and Haunted House: Holiday and Hand Up Fund.


Humane before profit… Harmlessness

Uniting together for the good of all

Men and Women as equals

All Inclusive, Non Exclusive

No exploitation… all beings are free to live their truth

Integrity and Alignment

Truth, Fairness, win/win

You and I together can co-create an Evolutionary Human Race


All are welcome, all paths, no paths, all cultures, ages, occupations, and skin colors (even freckles) are welcome. You are welcome regardless of your credit score, GPA, medical, criminal, or driving record – whether you are a spiritualist, atheist, philanthropist, naturalist or not on this list. Those of all political, religious, consciousness altering, and sexual preferences are welcome. All income, education, literacy, and physical fitness levels are welcome. All beings everywhere are welcome to unite with us to make the world a better place for all.

Mission Statement: We are an all-inclusive community of global volunteers working together as equals, embracing our differences to make this world a better place.